Happy Wheels – Do you like playing violent games

Introduction to happy wheels game.

If you are a video game fanatic and like playing violent games with tough challenges, then I guarantee that you will be fascinated and remain glued to your computer once you begin enjoying happy wheels game. It is a challenging and adventurous science-based vehicle online game with amazing physics-based graphics and great sound effects that are created by a hardworking and extremely talented team of professionals. This game is even better than Guesstheemoji and believe me I know what I’m talking about.

Happy Wheels online game has a twist that is slightly different whereby you will get a real feeling of the accident. You will be provided with a real picture of how fatalities can occur and how they can lead to lead to, loss of consciousness, bone fractures and even death. You get to choose a vehicle from either a bike, a two-wheeler or a wheelchair with the main aim being finding a way to reach the exit alive.

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Instructions of the game.

It is fairly easy to participate in happy wheels demo and you are only restricted by your creativity. You first begin by picking a level and later on choose the character that you prefer, be it a father and son with his bike , a plump man with a shopping cart, or an old man in a wheelchair. You then get to enjoy a demanding game arena equipped with sheer hills, gorges, bridges and large stones with the main goal being finding an exit and stay alive.

While playing the game, you will be required to successfully maneuver through the many obstacles like wrecking balls, land mines, giant spiders and spikes. You have to beware of traps, creatures and some holes. You will also have to overcome all this challenges in order to reach the finish line so you can complete the levels. The game will be over once your character`s body explodes and it loses its head.

happy wheels controls
Controls of the game.

The controls of this game are quite smooth and easy-going and entirely depend on the primary keys which include the four arrows, the space bar, shift bar, the letters `Z` and `C` and finally the control key, for more details you should probably visit their official blog. The up arrow is used to accelerate, the down arrow to decelerate, right arrow is used to lean forward and the left arrow to lean back. The space bar acts as the primary action key with shift and control being the secondary action keys. You will use the letter `Z` to eject and the letter `C` to switch the camera angle.