Review Of Return Man 3 An Awesome Flash Sports Game

Being football fanatics, we turn to find games which combine the exhilaration of online gaming along with the excitement of soccer. Return Man 3, a popular Flash game, provides this ideal balance. It retains a 9.2 (out of 10) satisfaction rating, proving that it’s a well-designed online game. Here are the fundamental features of the Return Man 3 game:

Return Man


(I) – Run forward

(J) – Run left

(K) – Run down the field

(L) – Run right

If you want, you can make use of the arrow keys on your PC instead. The left arrow moves you left, right arrow moves you to the right, the upward arrow moves a person forward and lower arrow moves a person backward.

As you progress through the game, you receive advanced controls to be able to spin, hurdle, and so on. Once you have been able to unlock those controls, they will display on the upper right-hand corner of the screen and you will be able to use them all through the game.


The main objective will be to receive the kickoff as well as return the ball to the end zone without getting tackled. You receive four lives for each game, and you can even append lives with successive touchdown streaks.


In order to receive the ball, move the returner towards the yellow circle. When you catch the ball move the returner using whichever group of controls you choose: basic (I, T, K, L) or even alternate (arrow keys). Try not to get tackled, and look out for the kicker! He’s faster than other defenders, and whilst he cannot deal with you singlehandedly, he’ll drag you, slowing you down before other defenders arrive to make the tackle. On the way, there are a few “energy boosts” available (they seem like green circles having a yellow lightning bolt) that can provide you with a temporary boost in speed.


Game Levels

You will find three levels (called “weeks”) and 5 stages in every week. Week 1 is known as “Opening Week”, Week 2 is known as “Down and Dirty”, and Week 3 is known as “Hold on Tight”. Unlock the following stage by beating the prior one. Obviously, each stage, as well as level, is a bit tougher than the previous one; however, you do obtain additional controls as well as more energy boosts to assist you.

Is it really worth playing?

If you’re a big soccer fan, or simply enjoy football video games, Return Man 3 is ideal for you. It combines a great deal of excitement as well as simple online game controls. Just ensure that you find the end zone!

What about previous version?

Previous version of the game, second Return Man is also wonderful game, you can play it for free on the main site, this version of the game also has some mud-bowl scenarios and my favorite one is of course zombie mode.