Pyramid + Field of Cubes = Addictive Game Called Cubefield

An Overview of Cubefield
Cubefield is an arcade-type game that is presented in 3-D and is extremely simple to play, pretty much like Doodle Jump. Don’t let that deter you, though – almost everyone who tries this seemingly easy to master game comes away hooked and completely addicted to it. Also, take a look at Blob opera.

The premise of Cubefield is straightforward enough – you are stuck in a field of large cubes and you have to navigate your way out. In the style of the arcade games of old, the screen scrolls as the game progress for you to discover new areas and face new challenges.

Addictive Game Called CubefieldThe Controls
Like the game itself, the Cubefield controls are extremely simple – you only have to use two buttons, the left and right keys of your keyboard and as for the game, it can be found on the official site.

The game starts of set on a simple landscape – a grey field on the ground and the white sky above, with a horizon about midway down the screen. Cubes of varying colors are strewn all over the field at random intervals. These cubes are all the same size.

Your character is a small, dark grey pyramid shape at the center of the bottom of the screen. When the game starts, you have to use the left and right keys to navigate this vehicle between the cubes.

Field of CubesThe first stage is very easy as the speed is quite slow. However, there is a steep learning curve as you progress through each stage because the speed of your vehicle increases and the cubes seem to be set closer together so that avoiding them becomes increasingly challenging. The cubes and background color of each stage are different.

Most importantly, you only get one life, which means that a single crash will send you back to stage one. Your high score is recorded and saved, though, so you can still compete with your friends.

Final Word
Cubefield has developed a cult following due to its unique combination of ease of play and challenging stages, and is worth trying out. Be warned, though – it is extremely addictive!